I am


I am Jacob Luginbuhl and I wish to serve you as representative of the 80th Assembly District! On September 19, 2021, David, my friend, and employee of three years was shot at a community park in Madison, WI. He passed away on September 19th from the four bullets that struck his body. The senseless violence plaguing our communities must be stopped! In his memory I am running to champion public safety and to ensure the mandates that prevented me from visiting him in the hospital never happen


Government Overreach

I am a proponent of limited government. We need to return to the fundamentals that made our nation shine. The constitution was written to restrain its power; unlawful mandates and shutdowns have severely damaged our economy. This has led us into the current record levels of inflation-hurting the working class the most! The government does not get to choose whose business/job is essential; when our citizens depend on employment to feed their families!

Balance our States Budget

Unfathomable amounts of money has been printed in the last two years! Where did it go? Who has it helped? We need competent leaders to ensure proper oversight of our tax dollars. State’s surplus funds should be invested wisely back into our economy.

Our Justice System is Broken

Criminals openly mock our Nation’s laws. Criminals have exploited the justice system-getting away with destroying our cities and businesses. Our focus needs to be on keeping violent offenders behind bars! Unfortunately, our legal system traps non-violent individuals in a cycle of unemployment, poverty and incarceration.

Better Education

Parents deserve to have a say in the curriculum. More government bureaucracy in our education system has had an inverse effect on test scores. Scholastic performance has declined. Our educational standards have left our children behind. We must do better! Education creates opportunity; it promises a better future for the next generation!

Elections Integrity

We the people hold the power of this constitutional republic. Sanctity of the vote is critical to maintaining our election integrity! Our citizen’s faith in elections needs to be restored. Every legal vote must be counted and invalid tossed out. I support legislation that would audit our elections-protecting the vote-restoring confidence in our system!

Domestic Energy Security

Our dependance on foreign energy has us on our knees! Our nation has an abundance of untapped resources. We need to take advantage of this and increase our production here at home. Encouraging competition in the domestic energy sector will help improve our situation at home and globally.